Marc Kuchner Music
Song Licensing

If you'd like to record one of the songs on this website for the purpose of selling copies (e.g. CDs or downloads), I can offer you a mechanical license at the statutory (i.e. government standard) rate of $91 per 1000 copies. A "license" is an agreement saying that you have permission to sell copies of a song in exchange for paying a royalty, a small fraction of the typical selling price of a CD. That's how we songwriters make money. We're really pretty cheap when you think about it. Contact Marc Kuchner with your request.

Track Leasing

Instead of spending lots of money recording your own band, you can often just lease the tracks of the songs you'd like to record. If you want to use one of the tracks you heard on this website, you may lease it for a fee of $200 in addition to the royalties described above. I can mail you the track on CD or email it to you as a high-fidelity mp3 or wav file. Contact Marc Kuchner with your request.

Lyric Changes

Do you like one of these songs, but need lyrics tailored to meet your needs? No problem, no charge. Contact Marc Kuchner.


Do you write your own songs, but you need help making them sound "radio ready"? Tell me what your needs are and what your experience is, and I may be able to help. Contact Marc Kuchner.

Archetype Analysis

Are you a songwriter or publisher? We can analyze the archetypes of your songs and provide you with recommendations about how to focus the archetypical content for maximum impact. This unique service is 10$ per song payable through Paypal.

More Tips for Artists and Managers

Every now and then, I send out an email with tips for artists and managers, mostly related to country music. Contact me if you'd like to be on the mailing list. The back issues are online at


Here's a handy glossary of music business terms. And don't hesitate to ask questions.