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What is your Archetype?
The system of Archetypes is a new way to classify songs and understand musical careers.

Artist? What is your archetype? Once you decide, it will help you decide what songs to cut, how to dress when you're on stage, what brands to endorse, etc. Stuck in a rut or need to broaden your set list? Maybe it's time to try a new archetype.

Here are the main archetypes in Country Music and some examples of artists and songs that match. Pick a song labeled "dark side" for something more edgy/alternative feeling.

Hero/Warrior: The hero is the character that takes responsibility and faces down challenges. For example, Nike commercials try to suggest that if you put on your Nike sneakers and you?ll be ready to win the Olympics. In country music, the heroes often have attitude. Taylor Swift, "Picture To Burn". Carrie Underwood, "Before He Cheats".
Female: Start Now or Done With Bad Boys or I Can Break My Own Heart or
I Can Break My Own Heart (for a younger artist) or American Idol or Just Being Myself.
Male: American Idol.

Everyman/Regular Guy/Gal: The everyman is the average Joe who takes pride in being a good honest hard working guy. For example, Mike?s Hard Lemonade was named ?Mike?s? because Mike is simply the most common male name. Little Big Town, "Boondocks". Zac Brown, "Chicken Fried". Montgomery Gentry, "Lucky Man". Alan Jackson, "Small Town Southern Man". Gretchen Wilson, "Redneck Woman".
Male: Backwards or Jack Nicholson or Cottonmouth Country or Men With Big Machines.

Lover: The lover focuses on matters of the heart?in the bedroom or anywhere else. The Victoria?s Secret brand is for the lover in you. Faith Hill, "Breathe", John Michael Montgomery, "I Can Love You Like That". James Otto, "I Just Got Started Loving You".
Female: Fired or I Told The Rain or Paper Bird.
Male: Hooked or I Told The Rain or Shade(dark side) or Steal Her Heart(dark side).

Innocent: The innocent is the child inside us all, the child that thinks everything will be OK if you just relax and let the world spin. Coke is an innocent brand; Have a Coke and a smile. Disney. Tom Hanks. Sugarland, "It Happens". LeAnn Rimes, "What I Cannot Change". Montgomery Gentry, "Roll With Me".
Female: I'm Still Growing Up or Kissing In The Rain
Male: I'm Still Growing Up or One Happy Halloween

Orphan The dark side of the innocent is the orphan. It's listed separately because it's so popular, especially in rock music. The orphan feels like he or she can't take control of his or her own life, and blames other people for his or her problems. Miranda Lambert "Famous In A Small Town"(dark side).
Female: Curiosity(dark side).

Outlaw: You don?t need to ride a motorcycle to feel like a rebel; just don a Harley Davidson leather jacket. Toby Keith "God Love Her".
Male: Underdogs and Outlaws.

Sage: The sage is the proverbial wise elder who dispenses advice. Oprah, with her book club and her magazine full of tips, is a good example. Tim McGraw, "Live Like You Were Dying". Rodney Atkins "If You're Going Through Hell". Lee Ann Womack, "I Hope You Dance".
Male or Female: Lemonade.

Explorer: Indiana Jones, in a nutshell. Brands like Levis and Jeep make you feel ready for adventure. U2, "Where the Streets Have No Name", "Beautiful Day". Kelly Clarkson, "Breakaway". Sara Evans "Born To Fly". Male: Open Wide.

Joker: The joker entertains us, maybe with slapstick and dirty jokes, or maybe with deep insights that nobody else had the courage to say. Consider the Alka-Seltzer brand. Plop plop, fizz fizz, what a silly song that is! Trace Adkins, ?Honkytonk Badonkadonk?. Brad Paisley, "Online". Carrie Underwood, "Last Name". I don't have any songs like this yet, but contact me and we'll write one.

Caregiver: If you really care about someone, you?ll send him a Hallmark card, and drive him around in a Volvo. Picture Mom or Dad in an apron, pulling dinner from the oven. Lonestar, "My Front Porch Looking In". Rodney Atkins, "Watching You". Jamie O'Neal, "Somebody's Hero". I don't have any songs like this yet, but contact me and we'll write one.


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